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Our School

Prerana international school has been established in the year 2007 with the vision a strong academic focus and foundation that will enable the students. The PINS is dedicated to the development of each students potential for learning in a positive environment. The foundation of Prerana believe "KNOWLEDGE IS POWER" driven by this power of transforming creating knowledge, societies, building future and imparting education.



Dr. Lakshmaiah is the founder and Chairman of Prerana international school. He is emitted excellence of Law Graduate, and Master of degree in sociology /management.
He is predominantly excellent service of Indian classical devotional singer and composer relating to Annamacharya keertanas. The Karnataka state education and cultural department awarded doctorate on the successful completion of sankeertanas and educational services. 
He speaks about "Prerana is a source of inspiration for tens and thousands of youngsters across the world because of his life philosophy and teaching"



Our mission to promote academic excellence and to nurture the physical, emotional, social and psychological facts of the child's development by providing ample opportunities in a warm and supportive environment. To provide safe and homelike atmosphere for children .To teach students the important values of life like honesty, humility and humanity. To teach children to respect parents, teachers and all elders. To insist cultural values and patriotism.

Overall, the mission of our school is to empower our students to become confident, responsible, and successful individuals who make a positive impact on the world.


MD'S Welcome

I'll be MD who's very accessible, I enjoy talking with students to learn where there opportunity and challenges and then seeing what I can do and how I can use my experience to make a difference for them in the curriculum, with the experience here at Prerana international school.

Sagar Lakshmaiah 
Managing Director of PINS

secretary of pins.jpg


Mrs. Vani Lakshmaiah is Arts Graduate, secretary of PINS. She is well known education service ability to bring conceptual clarity related to school education. She shared about education is the best friend and educated person is respected  by everyone. 
Education beats the beauty and the youth.

Faculty & Staff



High School HOD


Akashay Kumar TK

Programming Co-ordinator



Transport manager


Miss. Bhavya Chandrappa

Primary Academic Co-ordinator


Prema S


sudha mani.jpg


Primary School HOD

Sobha PINS.png

Miss. Shoba M

High School Academic-Co-ordinator




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